OOps we missed the deadline. Apparently it can take up to 24 hours for changes to go through the network, my apologies. 

As soon as we are back on board, I will post my new story called “Chariots of Fire”.

Thank you all for the wonderful support you have shown in the past. Please watch out for next story in Simpler Times. It will be the first blog to be published on my new Website. The URL  http://incipientauthor.com will remain the same so continue to use the same address. Also, I have invited you, the readers to submit stories, funny incidences or educational stuff that would be of interest to all. Just click under ‘Guest Blogging’ and review the process and the rules.

Also, I have been asked by a few of my audience to consider writing a blog for technically inept seniors, which I would label “Techie for Old Farts”. I know that embarrassing feeling when a three-year old pipes up, “No Nana, that’s not the way. Let me do it,” and you sit in complete discomfort but somewhat awed, watching the child typing like a first class stenographer, while rattling on in technical gobbledygook!

I would appreciate  hearing about the issues you struggle with, when using current technology. Let’s face it, with the pace of technical development at hurricane rates and our comprehension capabilities slowing by the minute, any help would be greatly appreciated. So I plan to use my younger techie family members to put together some ‘Noddy Charts’ (step by step instructions å la Enid Blyton) to help us oldies grapple with our ever-changing kaleidoscope. 

I sincerely hope you continue to enjoy the site and its offerings.    Barbara